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The Faux Flower Series: The Cotton Plant Centerpiece

The warm sparkle of winter somehow makes its way indoors during the holidays, doesn't it? This season, I love to mix rustic, natural elements with rich golds. I designed this vase for my dear friend, Jen, for her bridal shower. Jen has very sweet and rustic taste, and her shower was square in the middle of winter.  I thought that this vase was so season-appropriate and complemented Jen's taste and unique sparkle in her personality.

3.4" x 10.5" Cylindrical Vase - Found at Michaels Craft Store
Gold Glitter Duct Tape - Found at Michaels Craft Store
Hot Glue Gun & Glue Sticks
Black or Brown Marker
Dark Brown Cardstock
Cotton Balls

- make the cotton bur & cotton -
one. Cut out squares of varying sizes from brown cardstock. you'll want to use a thicker paper like card stock so that the paper will hold its shape when you curl it.

two. Fold a square in half

three. fold in half a second time. Then fold in half a third time.

before moving onto the next step, make sure the folded side is on the right

four. cut the triangle into a diamond shape, as shown below

five. unfold the diamond to form an 8 point star

six. use a black or brown marker to draw lines extending out from the center of the star. this will give the cotton bur some texture and realism

seven. turn over the star so that the side with the marker lines are facing down and begin curling the ends towards the center of the star

eight. stretch and loosen some cotton balls just enough so that they become flat

nine. apply some hot glue (or any quick drying glue) to the inside of the cotton bur. fill with cotton. 

ten. add a dot of hot glue to the bottom of the cotton bur and randomly attach to the branches. I picked these fallen branches from my backyard.

The cotton plant is finished! Make as many as you'd like.

- decorate the vase - 
one. with your gold glitter duct tape, measure the diameter of the vase and cut

two. peel off the duct tape backing and stick onto vase, lining the top rim.
We'll be continuing on with the faux flower series this season, so check back next time for another tutorial. I can barely wait to show you the next flower DIY but I will keep it a surprise. Until then :)